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Here is some relevant information to read carefully about taking orders and delivering your packages.

Hello, we are open 
Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. It would be better to continue to have your orders prepare before picking them up, in order to minimize the time spent in the store! Thank you for remaining comprehensive and understanding with us during these trying times!

Our online store remains open and accessible at all times! We make sure to send your packages safely. We still offer the same shipping services: Xpress post with Canada post. Payment by credit card (for orders placed by email or phone) or payment in COD (at reception). You can also place your order on our online store and use your Paypal account to pay.

For COD shipping requests (payment at reception), as usual, a mail slip will be left in your mailbox so that you know where and when to pick up and pay for your package.

We are doing our best to make sure there is no shortage of items, but some products may not be available at the moment due to a supply chain interruption. 

At this time, we remind customers that we are NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages. But we make sure that everything is done in compliance with health and safety standards.

Thank you for trusting us and for continuing to buy from us during and after this crisis that hurts everyone. 



La vie en couleur avec Olivier Julliand
Olivier est propriétaire de la boutique Glamort situé à montréal. Chaque réalisation est unique et hyper colorée. Tu as envie d'un beau projet en couleur style cartoon, voilà l'homme qu'il te faut !

À la découverte de Fred Dubois
Depuis bientôt plus de 3 ans, Fred Dubois fit son arrivée dans le monde du tattoo. Si vous ne le connaissiez pas, voici votre chance d'en apprendre plus sur lui. Un artiste qui mérite d'être connu !

Biographie Erika Doyon
Erika est propriétaire du studio Artease à Montréal. Spécialisé dans le japonais, le néo traditionel et le réalisme, venez découvrir son talent.

L'histoire Starbrite !
Tommy's Supplies est l'un des producteurs originaux et l'unique propriétaire du nom de marque déposée «STARBRITE», qui est une gamme complète d'encres de tatouage de 170 couleurs qui sont mises en bouteille, étiquetées, traitées aux rayons gamma,...

The Starbrite Story !
Tommy's Supplies is one of the original producers and sole owner of the registered trademark name “STARBRITE”, which is a full 170 color line of tattoo inks that are bottled, labeled, gamma treated, tested, and shipped according to FDA stipulations.

Top Products

Bishop WANDBishop WAND

Clip cord sleeves BIODEGRADABLEClip cord sleeves BIODEGRADABLE

Critical power XRCritical power XR

Critical Wireless Power SupplyCritical Wireless Power Supply
From $63.00


HUSTLE BUBBLES deluxe foamer (1 bottle)HUSTLE BUBBLES deluxe foamer (1 bottle)

Oxivir Tb Surface cleaner and disinfectant (946ml)Oxivir Tb Surface cleaner and disinfectant (946ml)

Cordon à pince léger de qualité supérieure - 7 piPremium Lightweight Clip Cord - 7 ft BISHOP

Premium Lightweight RCA Cord - 7 ft. by BishopPremium Lightweight RCA Cord - 7 ft. by Bishop

Skin Protector E.T.ESkin Protector E.T.E
From $25.00

Spektra Flux WirelessSpektra Flux Wireless
From $1 300.00

Tattoo Soap by WolfsbaneTattoo Soap by Wolfsbane
From $7.50

The SolidifierThe Solidifier
From $6.00

Wash bottle bags BIODEGRADABLEWash bottle bags BIODEGRADABLE

Wipe-outz 20Wipe Outz (20 wipes)
From $9.00

Bio TextBio Text (5L)

Box of 24 DipCapDipCap - Box of 24

EVO10 TATTOO WORK STATIONEVO10 work station (5 per pack)

From $14.00

Protective work glasses (2 models)Protective work glasses (2 models)
From $5.00

Pur San hand sanitizerPur San hand sanitizer
From $6.25

Nikko Hurtado's Anchored Stencil Solution (8oz)Stencil solution Anchored by Nikko Hurtado's (8oz)

WASHABLE and ADJUSTABLE Facial Mask (individually)WASHABLE and ADJUSTABLE Facial Mask (individually)

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