Flux Max Gold 1 3.5 Battery
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Flux Max Gold 4.0 1 Battery
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Flux Max Stealt 3.2 Powerbolt
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Flux Max stealt 4.0 2 Batteries
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Flux Max Gold 4.0 Powerbolt
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Flux Max Stealt 4.5 Powerbolt
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Flux Max Gold 4.5 powerbolt
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Flux Max with PowerBolt :
Take your skills to the max with more control, more convenience and more innovation from inside out. The Flux Max is our first machine with a new, OLED digital display and state-of-the-art technology that
adapts and optimizes in real time for a smoother feel. Easily view battery life during sessions and adjust settings. Plus, more customizable features and a built-in timer mean the Flux Max is designed to work with you and your unique style.
• PowerBolt II digital screen provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience
• Membrane interface to easily adjust machine settings and access features
• Redesigned, ergonomic grip wrap for maximum, functional comfort
• Responsive and adjustable eGive settings with high performance feedback from Pro Team testing
• Additional layers of electronic safety protection
• Greater range of Bluetooth connectivity
• Front-weighted machine allows artists to easily glide through tattoo sessions with less fatigue
• Consistent, reliable motor and needle penetration systems for optimal functionality.

Three Available Stroke Options: 3.2 mm | 4.0 mm | 4.5 mm

Modular Versatility: The Flux Max is compatible with existing FK Irons grips, Powerbolt batteries, and Killswitch.

Comfortable, Durable Design: 7.23 oz. (205g)

Dynamic Power Path Management: Get reliable, consistent power levels.

Fully Built-In Digital Menu: Easily read battery life, change settings and power level.

Newly Designed Ergonomic Grip: 38 mm

Responsive eGive Settings: Choose from three levels of eGive (0-3).

Built-In Time Tracker: Track time during sessions directly on your machine.

Changing Power: View in both Volts and Hertz for improved accuracy. Adjust power by 0.1 or 0.5.

Bluetooth® Capability: Improved wireless connectivity and range. Pair with Darklab mobile app for alternate setting controls and machine updates.

Detachable Battery: Compatible with existing PowerBolt and PowerBolt+ batteries.

Battery life: Up to 10 hours of battery (depending on power level). Full charge in 2 hours when used with the included USB-C charging cable.

USB-C port: For best results, use USB-C charging cord included.

Power Supply: 4-12 Volts; 66-199 Hertz

Engineered & manufactured in the USA

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