Encres Eternal / Muted Earth Tones 1 oz
Muted Earth Tones

Muted Earth Tones 1 oz

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These are 12 muted, earthy hues that we like to call “dirty colors”. Although muted, each hue has an intensity that will bring impact to your tattoo.

These colors work great alongside our more vibrant hues. A great addition to your existing set of Eternal Ink!

EM01 Dirty Money
EM02 Green Slime
EM03 Mocha
EM04 Hot Chocolate
EM05 Salmon
EM06 Burnt Orange
EM07 Slate Blue
EM08 Baby Blue
EM09 Dusty Blue
EM10 Peachy Flesh
EM11 Clay Gray
EM12 Old Orchid

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