Oxivir Tb Surface cleaner and disinfectant (946ml)

Oxivir Tb - Ready-to-use disinfectant
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Oxivir Tb is a ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner based on exclusive hydrogen peroxide technology for fast and effective cleaning performance.

It has bactericidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal effects in 1 minute. The fungicidal effect works in 3 minutes.

Oxivir Tb meets the Health Canada standard for cleaning and decontaminating body fluids and blood.

It is compatible with most non-porous hard surfaces while harnessing the power of hydrogen peroxide (AHP) technology.

It is a hospital grade disinfectant perfect for "high touch" surfaces. This product is used in the vast majority of large hospitals in Quebec.

Hydrogen peroxide kills germs on the surface and leaves no film on the surface. It is really a good substitute for chlorine (bleach), because it has the same disinfection power without the inconveniences (staining clothes, odor, instability).

The active ingredient AHP decomposes into oxygen and water after use.

Oxivir Tb offers a fast and effective cleaning performance, while being non-irritating to the eyes and the skin.


- Hospital grade disinfectant
- Based on patented hydrogen peroxide technology (AHP®)
- Disinfects in 1 minute (Tuberculocide in 5 minutes)
- Excellent surface security
- HMIS notes are all zeros
- Kills MRSA, VRE and norovirus
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