Traditional needles

Traditional needles

Come see our selection of tattoo needles for coil tattoo machines: liner, shader, magnum and bug pin
Bug Pin Needles (50 per box)BugPin Needles (box of 50)

From $15.00
MAGNUM NEEDLES (50/box) - 11MMagnum Needles (box of 50)

From $14.00
ROUND LINER NEEDLES (50/box) - 15RLRound liner Needles (box of 50)

From $9.00
Round Mag Bug Pin NeedlesRound magnum bugpin Needles (box of 50)

ROUND MAGNUM NEEDLES (50/box) - 11RMRound magnum Needles (box of 50)

From $14.00
ROUND SHADER NEEDLES (50/BOX) - 15RSRound shader needles (box of 50)

From $14.00
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