Starbrite tattoo ink / Lunar graywash series 5 bottles (2oz)

Lunar graywash series 5 bottles (2oz)


This set of 5 2oz bottles includes:

1-Light Moon: This shade is the lightest of the series. Best used to map out and fill lighter areas.

2-Quarter Moon: This is a little darker than the light moon, giving it a light to medium gradient effect. Great for light saturation and smoothing edges.

3-Half Moon: This medium gray tones is a step up from light and quarter moon. Perfect for transitioning into lighter or drker shades while creating any contrast necessary.

4-Dark Moon: This is the darkest shade of graywash. Enriched tone blended with careful precision to achieve a deeper gray almost black. Great for lining and creating smooth saturation.

5-Brite White: Use this ink to create a light wash effect on the 4 darker tones above.

Also available in 1oz or 4oz.

The Lunar graywash series bottles are also available individually in 1oz, 2oz or 4oz.

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