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Thermal Copier A4
Thermal Copier A4

Thermal copier A4 953 h1a

$1 325.00

The Thermal Imager features a 1350 watt output and is compatible with a 20 amp fuse, making it extremely easy to transfer sketches and prints effortlessly onto thermal paper in a matter of seconds. Complete with features such as a manual feed switch and automatic overheat protection, the Thermal Imager serves as a fundamental commodity for any tattoo shop.

Size A4
1350 watt output
US standard - Includes a US power cord for 110V
Includes transparent carrier, fresh Spirit Master and instructions
Dual fan cooling
Manual feed switch
Max carrier width: 9.25"
CE certification
Made in Germany
17" (W) x 4" (H) x 7" (D)
NOTE: Will only transfer from carbon toner copies - NO INKJET PRINTERS, this unit must also use the German engineered Thermal Image Carrier

This thermal copier A4 is a high quality,it produces clear, crisp stencils.
Carrier sheets should be used when making transfer keeps the machine clean.

These copiers come with a clear, high resolution carrier sheet.

Transportation locks are added to the units to protect the glass from breaking in-transit.

Made in Germany.

Guaranteed one year by manufacturor.

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