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E.T.E Thermal printer
E.T.E Thermal printer

E.T.E Thermal printer


Printing Method Thermal Direct
Print Width 210mm/216mm (default:216mm)
Print Command ESC
Print Speed maximum printing speed: 45mm/s
Print Density 8 dots/mm(203dpi) , 1728 dots/line
Character Size 12*24, 24*24
Connect Method Android & iOS &Windows
Interface USB
Bluetooth 4.0 /(4.0 above)

All operating instructions are included in the box with your thermal.
Same as S8 thermal printer.

Note that this thermal is not recommended for realism.

Software function Edit notes, take photos and search questions, text recognition,
Print Templates, web page printing, Word printing
PDF printing, Excel printing, picture printing

Max printing width 216±1mm
Paper type thermal
Paper diameter Thermal paper rolls with the maximum outer diameter ≤30mm
(installed in the whole machine) or ≤ 50mm (installed in the
external paper bin) can be used.
Paper thickness 0.05-0.15mm
Paper loading method Easy loading
Positioning mode Photoelectric induction

Status Display Lack of paper, open cover, charging (LED indicator light)
Standby time 3days
Print head Life 50KM
Full power printing 50m
Charging time 4 Hours
Paper deficiency
detection Optocoupler detection
Lithium battery 1200mAh
USB type USB, Micro USB port
Passed certification Appearance patent/CCC
Over all dimensions 265*93*53*mm

Weight 1350g
Working environment Temperature:0-45℃
Storage environment Temperature:-10-60℃
Humidity:10-90%(Except paper roll core)

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