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EXO + 2 PowerBolts

3.2mm Black Ops (mbk)
Price: $1 625.00
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$1 625.00Out of stock
4mm Black Ops (mbk)
Price: $1 625.00
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$1 625.00Out of stock
3.2mm Stealth (blk)
Price: $1 625.00
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4mm Stealth (blk)
Price: $1 625.00
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$1 625.00Out of stock
FK Irons' latest creation, the EXO is a modular tattoo machine whose core is the same impressively powerful motor as the Flux. From our factory in the USA, the EXO unit is fitted with an RCA module for use with a traditional power supply and RCA cable or the Hover to enable eGive.

Outstanding, new feature:
The RCA module is completely detachable with a simple quarter-turn action and can be replaced with the PowerBolt battery pack to create a wireless option. This new “modular design,” frees the artist to nimbly choose between power sources, with the option to quickly switch between:

RCA module with RCA cable and traditional power supply
PowerBolt battery pack for up to 10 hours of wireless tattooing
For artists who want the Flux's power and also be ready for anything -whether using a cable is the best option in the circumstances, or you want to go wireless - the EXO is the perfect choice.

We offer you even more choices - customize it with a direct drive 3.2mm or 4mm stroke.

Other features: The EXO's ergonomic design includes a larger 40mm grip to help ensure your hand isn't clenched and overly tense. It is forward weighted, aiding the artist with downward needle pressure.

The EXO is eGive ready through the RCA module, RCA cable and Hover, or wirelessly with the Powerbolt and the Darklab app

FK Irons' first modular machine
Available in 3.2mm or 4.0mm stroke options (non-interchangeable)
40mm ergonomic wide grip
Forward weighted, aiding the artist with downward needle pressure
Powerful, 9-watt brushless motor
Reverse polarity protection in the RCA module for motor safety
Wired or wireless (with the Powerbolt set) options for the artist
Ideal for lining, color packing, and solid color works
Less passes to saturate ink, reducing skin trauma
Weighs only 6.8 ounces, 189 grams
eGive ready, via Hover and RCA cable or wireless Powerbolt and Darklab app
Compatible with most standard membrane cartridges

•12 Month Warrenty (With the manufacturer)

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