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Eternal 4oz
Eternal 4oz

Eternal 4oz


The ink colors presented here represent our core collection of tattoo inks. These are the colors we have consistantly created over the years.

They capture a wide diversity of color, intensity and value on the color wheel.
We will continue to expand the collection with new colors, so check back often. 

Eternal - E09 Tangerine (4oz)
#: E09
Price: $37.00
E09$37.00Add to my order
Eternal - E13 True Blue (4oz)
#: E13
Price: $37.00
E13$37.00Add to my order
Eternal - E48 Periwinkle (4oz)
#: E48
Price: $37.00
E48$37.00Add to my order
Lining Black (4oz)
#: E01
Price: $37.00
E01$37.00Add to my order
Triple Black (4oz)
#: E02
Price: $37.00
E02$37.00Add to my order
White (4oz)
#: E31
Price: $37.00
E31$37.00Add to my order
White Knight (4oz)
#: E61
Price: $37.00
E61$37.00Add to my order
Lining black Marshall Bennett (4oz)
Price: $37.00
EMBLB$37.00Add to my order
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