Cheyenne Safety Cartridges / Liner TX (textured) SAFETY
Cheyenne Safety Liner TX Cartridge
Cheyenne Safety Liner TX Cartridge

Liner TX (textured) SAFETY

From $26.00

Textured (TX) needles retain much more ink.
cartridges are now available in boxes of 20.

(L30LB: Liner / bug pin / long taper)

Their patented modular system ensures that you can focus on your work. Each CARTRIDGE has a security module is inspected and assembled in Berlin. 10 or 20 cartridges per box.

Note that the package may indicate "BP" instead of "TX". It's actually the same product, but it's the spelling that varies. Eventually all packages will indicate "TX".

3 LINER TX (box of 10)
#: E-MC03-L30LB
Price: $26.00
Stock: Available
3 LINER TX (box of 20)
#: E-MC03-L30LB-20
Price: $44.25
Stock: Available
5 LINER TX (box of 10)
#: E-MC05-L30LB
Price: $26.75
Stock: Available
5 LINER TX (box of 20)
#: E-MC05-L30LB-20
Price: $45.75
Stock: Available
7 LINER TX (box of 10)
#: E-MC07-L30LB
Price: $27.75
Stock: Available
7 LINER TX (boite de 20)
#: E-MC07-L30LB-20
Price: $48.25
Stock: Available
9 LINER TX (boite de 10)
#: E-MC09-L30LB
Price: $29.50
Stock: Available
9 LINER TX (boite de 20)
#: E-MC09-L30LB-20
Price: $50.00
Stock: Available

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