Cheyenne Safety Cartridges / Liner TX (textured) SAFETY
Cheyenne Safety Liner TX Cartridge
Cheyenne Safety Liner TX Cartridge

Liner TX (textured) SAFETY

From $26.00

Textured (TX) needles retain much more ink.

With the Safety Cartridges, Cheyenne demonstrates its innovation leadership once again. The patented safety membrane prevents blood and tattoo ink from getting into the grip. A 100% inspection by experienced experts in accordance with medical standards* guarantees the highest quality. A choice of 61 needle configurations allows you to fully develop your artistic freedom and changing tattoo needles takes just a few seconds. The Safety Cartridges are a milestone in working safety, simplicity and hygiene - an invention by Cheyenne!

Patented safety membrane prevents blood from entering the grip and the associated cross-contamination.
Change needle configurations in a matter of seconds
100% control of the needle modules
61 different needle configurations for maximal artistic freedom
*Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)
Made in Germany
The tightness of the safety membrane in our cartridges complies with the requirements of the European standard EN 17169 Tattooing - Safe and hygienic practice. The documented proof of this can be downloaded here. Download it and keep it safe.

(L30LB: Liner / bug pin / long taper)

10 or 20 cartridges per box.

Note that the package may indicate "BP" instead of "TX". It's actually the same product, but it's the spelling that varies. Eventually all packages will indicate "TX".

3 LINER TX (box of 10)
#: E-MC03-L30LB
Price: $26.00
Stock: Available
3 LINER TX (box of 20)
#: E-MC03-L30LB-20
Price: $44.25
Stock: Available
5 LINER TX (box of 10)
#: E-MC05-L30LB
Price: $26.75
Stock: Out of stock
E-MC05-L30LB$26.75Out of stock
5 LINER TX (box of 20)
#: E-MC05-L30LB-20
Price: $45.75
Stock: Available
7 LINER TX (box of 10)
#: E-MC07-L30LB
Price: $27.75
Stock: Available
7 LINER TX (boite de 20)
#: E-MC07-L30LB-20
Price: $48.25
Stock: Out of stock
E-MC07-L30LB-20$48.25Out of stock
9 LINER TX (boite de 10)
#: E-MC09-L30LB
Price: $29.50
Stock: Available
9 LINER TX (boite de 20)
#: E-MC09-L30LB-20
Price: $50.00
Stock: Available

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