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Starter kit C

STARTER KIT C (Bishop Rotary Machine)

$1 225.00

- Fantom rotary machine by Bishop 3.5 stroke
- Power supply critical CX1-G2
- Round stainless steel footswitch
- Clip cord RCA by bishop
- Cartridges 7L (box20) and cartridges 7M (box20)
- Carbon paper (box100)
- Small ink caps (200)and big ink caps (100)
- Stencil stuff 4oz
- Skin marker
- Sharp collector (1,9L)
- Gloves (1box / 100)
- Ino soap 1L
- 10 X 1oz bottles of Starbrite or Eternal
- Hustle butter (2packets)
- Practice skin (pk/5)
- Wash bottle
- 5oz cups (50)
- Disposable tubes by Bishop (box/15)
- Wash bottle bags (250)
- Clip cord sleeves (125)

Note that this set includes a good base, but you will need to get protective packaging and other products such as: machine bags, blue or black dental bibs, protective sheets for table and if necessary pillowcases. It would be important to get products to clean your work surfaces like: liquid biotext or wipe or liquid or wipe cavicide.

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