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Starter kit C

STARTER KIT C (Bishop Rotary Machine)

$1 180.00

- Fantom rotary machine by Bishop 3.5 stroke
- Power supply critical CX1-G2
- Round stainless steel footswitch
- Clip cord RCA by bishop
- Cartridges 7L (box10) and cartridges 7M (box10)
- Carbon paper (box100)
- Small ink caps (200)and big ink caps (100)
- Stencil stuff 4oz
- Skin marker
- Sharp collector (1,9L)
- Nitrile gloves (1box)
- Ino soap 1L
- 10 X 1oz bottles of Starbrite or Eternal
- Hustle butter (2packets)
- Practice skin (pk/5)
- Wash bottle
- 5oz cups (50)
- Disposable tubes by Bishop (box/15).

Note that this set includes a good base, but you will need to get protective packaging and other products such as: clip cord sleeves, machine bags, wash bottles bags, blue or black dental bibs, protective sheets for table and if necessary pillowcases. It would be important to get products to clean your work surfaces like: liquid biotext or wipe or liquid or wipe cavicide.

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