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Starter kit D

STARTER KIT D (Cheyenne Hawk Pen)

$1 685.00
- Cheyenne Hawk Pen 3.5mm stroke with clip cord and adapteur
- Cheyenne power unit IV
- Cartridges cheyenne safety 7L (box 20) Cartridges cheyenne safety 7M (box 20)
- Carbon paper handwriting (box 100 sheets)
- Ink caps (200 small +100 large)
- Stencil stuff 4oz
- Skin marker
- Sharpz collector 1,9L
- Gloves (1 box / 200)
- Ino Soap 1L
- Wash bottle
- Practice skins (5)
- Hustle butter (2 packets)
- 10 bottles of the starbrite or Eternal (1oz)
- Drinking cups (50)
- Wash bottles bags bio (250)
- Clip cord sleeves bio (125)

You do not need a pedal with the power supply which is included in this kit.

Note that this set includes the basics, but you will need to get protective packaging and other products such as: machine bags, blue or black dental bibs, protective sheets for table and if necessary pillowcases. It would be important to get products to clean your work surfaces like: liquid biotext or wipe or liquid or wipe cavicide.

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Ochre (1oz)Ochre (1oz)
Dark Ochre (1oz)Dark Ochre (1oz)
Purple Concentrate (1oz)Purple Concentrate (1oz)
Light Purple (1oz)Light Purple (1oz)
Tornado (1oz)Tornado (1oz)
Lavender (1oz)Lavender (1oz)
Graveside light (1oz)Graveside light (1oz)
Wild Orchid (1oz)Wild Orchid (1oz)
Nova (1oz)Nova (1oz)
Mulberry (1oz)Mulberry (1oz)
Magenta (1oz)Magenta (1oz)
Light Magenta (1oz)Light Magenta (1oz)
Flamingo Pink (1oz)Flamingo Pink (1oz)
Cotton Candy (1oz)Cotton Candy (1oz)
Pink (1oz)Pink (1oz)
Hot Pink (1oz)Hot Pink (1oz)
Dusty Rose (1oz)Dusty Rose (1oz)
Green Concentrate (1oz)Green Concentrate (1oz)
Grass Green (1oz)Grass Green (1oz)
Lime Green (1oz)Lime Green (1oz)
Mint Green (1oz)Mint Green (1oz)
Turquoise (1oz)Turquoise (1oz)
Turquoise Concentrate (1oz)Turquoise Concentrate (1oz)
RoadRunner green (1oz)RoadRunner green (1oz)
Olive (1oz)Olive (1oz)
Graffiti Green (1oz)Graffiti Green (1oz)
Avocado (1oz)Avocado (1oz)
Jungle Green (1oz)Jungle Green (1oz)
Nuclear Green (1oz)Nuclear Green (1oz)
Honey Dew (1oz)Honey Dew (1oz)
Seafoam (1oz)Seafoam (1oz)
Spearmint (1oz)Spearmint (1oz)
Frostbite blue (1oz)Frostbite blue (1oz)
Tropical Teal (1oz)Tropical Teal (1oz)
Aquamarine (1oz)Aquamarine (1oz)
Sky Blue (1oz)Sky Blue (1oz)
True Blue (1oz)True Blue (1oz)
Slate blue (1oz)Slate blue (1oz)
Dark Purple (1oz)Dark Purple (1oz)
Blue Concentrate (1oz)Blue Concentrate (1oz)
Dark Cobalt (1oz)Dark Cobalt (1oz)
Periwinkle (1oz)Periwinkle (1oz)
Robin Egg (1oz)Robin Egg (1oz)
Bermuda Blue (1oz)Bermuda Blue (1oz)
Smoke (1oz)Smoke (1oz)
Peacock Blue (1oz)Peacock Blue (1oz)
Deep Red (1oz)Deep Red (1oz)
Dark Red (1oz)Dark Red (1oz)
Light Red (1oz)Light Red (1oz)
Lipstick Red (1oz)Lipstick Red (1oz)
Crimson Red (1oz)Crimson Red (1oz)
Ruby Red (1oz)Ruby Red (1oz)
Red Cross (1oz)Red Cross (1oz)
Sunflower (1oz)Sunflower (1oz)
Bright Yellow (1oz)Bright Yellow (1oz)
Lightning Yellow (1oz)Lightning Yellow (1oz)
BumbleBee (1oz)BumbleBee (1oz)
California Orange (1oz)California Orange (1oz)
Orange (1oz)Orange (1oz)
Bright Orange (1oz)Bright Orange (1oz)
Golden Yellow (1oz)Golden Yellow (1oz)
Solid Gold (1oz)Solid Gold (1oz)
True Gold (1oz)True Gold (1oz)
Desert light (1oz)Desert light (1oz)
Georgia Peach (1oz)Georgia Peach (1oz)
Tangerine (1oz)Tangerine (1oz)
MAXX Black (1oz)MAXX Black (1oz)
Triple Black (1oz)Triple Black (1oz)
Lining Black (1oz)Lining Black (1oz)
Gray (1oz)Gray (1oz)
Zane gray (1oz)Zane gray (1oz)
Mudslide (1oz)Mudslide (1oz)
Snowflake (1oz)Snowflake (1oz)
White (1oz)White (1oz)
White Knight (1oz)White Knight (1oz)
Cream & Sugar (1oz)Cream & Sugar (1oz)
Victorian Rose (1oz)Victorian Rose (1oz)
Ivory (1oz)Ivory (1oz)
Brite White (1oz)Brite White (1oz)
Floral White (1oz)Floral White (1oz)
Mixing White (1oz)Mixing White (1oz)
Light Moon Graywash (1oz)Light Moon Graywash (1oz)
Quarter Moon Graywash (1oz)Quarter Moon Graywash (1oz)
Half Moon Graywash (1oz)Half Moon Graywash (1oz)
Dark Moon Graywash (1oz)Dark Moon Graywash (1oz)
Jet Black Outliner (1oz)Jet Black Outliner (1oz)
Black Outliner (1oz)Black Outliner (1oz)
Turbo Black (1oz)Turbo Black (1oz)
Tribal Black (1oz)Tribal Black (1oz)
Antique bone (1oz)Antique bone (1oz)
Shadow Gray (1oz)Shadow Gray (1oz)
Silver Magnolia (1oz)Silver Magnolia (1oz)
Battleship Gray (1oz)Battleship Gray (1oz)
Charcoal grey (1oz)Charcoal grey (1oz)
Canary Yellow (1oz)Canary Yellow (1oz)
Yellow Ochre (1oz)Yellow Ochre (1oz)
Sunflower (1oz)Sunflower (1oz)
Zombie Puke (1oz)Zombie Puke (1oz)
Butter Cream (1oz)Butter Cream (1oz)
Banana Cream (1oz)Banana Cream (1oz)
Gold (1oz)Gold (1oz)
Permafrost (1oz)Permafrost (1oz)
Bermuda Triangle (1oz)Bermuda Triangle (1oz)
Fallen Sky (1oz)Fallen Sky (1oz)
Alien Autopsy (1oz)Alien Autopsy (1oz)
Steel Blue (1oz)Steel Blue (1oz)
Gunmetal Blue (1oz)Gunmetal Blue (1oz)
Ancient Slate (1oz)Ancient Slate (1oz)
Aster Blue (1oz)Aster Blue (1oz)
Baby Blue (1oz)Baby Blue (1oz)
Country Blue (1oz)Country Blue (1oz)
Deep freeze (1oz)Deep freeze (1oz)
Blue Blast (1oz)Blue Blast (1oz)
Iris (1oz)Iris (1oz)
Midnight Blue (1oz)Midnight Blue (1oz)
Blue Violet (1oz)Blue Violet (1oz)
Periwinkle (1oz)Periwinkle (1oz)
Royal Blue (1oz)Royal Blue (1oz)
Deep Blue (1oz)Deep Blue (1oz)
Midnight Purple (1oz)Midnight Purple (1oz)
Deep Purple (1oz)Deep Purple (1oz)
Purple Rain (1oz)Purple Rain (1oz)
Purple Purps (1oz)Purple Purps (1oz)
Deep Violet (1oz)Deep Violet (1oz)
Purple Vein (1oz)Purple Vein (1oz)
Lavender (1oz)Lavender (1oz)
Lilac (1oz)Lilac (1oz)
Red Wine (1oz)Red Wine (1oz)
Deep Maroon (1oz)Deep Maroon (1oz)
Deep Burgandy (1oz)Deep Burgandy (1oz)
Deep Magenta (1oz)Deep Magenta (1oz)
Mantra Magenta (1oz)Mantra Magenta (1oz)
Mulberry (1oz)Mulberry (1oz)
Light Orchid (1oz)Light Orchid (1oz)
Storm Cloud (1oz)Storm Cloud (1oz)
Mango (1oz)Mango (1oz)
Lippy Tone (1oz)Lippy Tone (1oz)
Joaos Creamsicle (1oz)Joaos Creamsicle (1oz)
Brite Orange (1oz)Brite Orange (1oz)
Fire Orange (1oz)Fire Orange (1oz)
Flesh Belly (1oz)Flesh Belly (1oz)
Salmon Sushi (1oz)Salmon Sushi (1oz)
Tiger Lilly (1oz)Tiger Lilly (1oz)
Rusty Orange (1oz)Rusty Orange (1oz)
Light turquoise (1oz)Light turquoise (1oz)
Deep Turquoise (1oz)Deep Turquoise (1oz)
Teal (1oz)Teal (1oz)
Sage Green (1oz)Sage Green (1oz)
Sea green (1oz)Sea green (1oz)
Leaf Green (1oz)Leaf Green (1oz)
Grassy Green (1oz)Grassy Green (1oz)
Green Field (1oz)Green Field (1oz)
Fern (1oz)Fern (1oz)
Blitzkrieg Green (1oz)Blitzkrieg Green (1oz)
Green Abyss (1oz)Green Abyss (1oz)
Olive (1oz)Olive (1oz)
Camouflage Green (1oz)Camouflage Green (1oz)
Minty Green (1oz)Minty Green (1oz)
Swamp Thing (1oz)Swamp Thing (1oz)
Florida Moss (1oz)Florida Moss (1oz)
True Green (1oz)True Green (1oz)
Deep Green (1oz)Deep Green (1oz)
Killer Kiwi (1oz)Killer Kiwi (1oz)
Radioactive Fallout (1oz)Radioactive Fallout (1oz)
Lime green (1oz)Lime green (1oz)
Hot Pink (1oz)Hot Pink (1oz)
Lotus Pink (1oz)Lotus Pink (1oz)
Mexican Pink (1oz)Mexican Pink (1oz)
Cotton Candy (1oz)Cotton Candy (1oz)
Blush (1oz)Blush (1oz)
Pink Orchid (1oz)Pink Orchid (1oz)
Bubblegum Pink (1oz)Bubblegum Pink (1oz)
Coral Pink (1oz)Coral Pink (1oz)
Raspberry (1oz)Raspberry (1oz)
Aztec Red (1oz)Aztec Red (1oz)
Lite Red (1oz)Lite Red (1oz)
Crimson Red (1oz)Crimson Red (1oz)
Scarlet Red (1oz)Scarlet Red (1oz)
Rude Rouge (1oz)Rude Rouge (1oz)
Dryed Blood (1oz)Dryed Blood (1oz)
Vampire Red (1oz)Vampire Red (1oz)
Blood Clot (1oz)Blood Clot (1oz)
Beach Beige (1oz)Beach Beige (1oz)
Light Skintone (1oz)Light Skintone (1oz)
Medium Skintone (1oz)Medium Skintone (1oz)
Dark Skintone (1oz)Dark Skintone (1oz)
Victorian Rose (1oz)Victorian Rose (1oz)
Buckskin Tan (1oz)Buckskin Tan (1oz)
Tobacco leaf (1oz)Tobacco leaf (1oz)
Brown Sienna (1oz)Brown Sienna (1oz)
Milk Chocolate (1oz)Milk Chocolate (1oz)
Vintage Brown (1oz)Vintage Brown (1oz)
Chocolate Strawberry (1oz)Chocolate Strawberry (1oz)
Chocolate Brown (1oz)Chocolate Brown (1oz)
Venetian Brown (1oz)Venetian Brown (1oz)

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7L - 0.30mm (boîte de 20)7L - 0.30mm (boîte de 20)
7M - 0.30mm (boîte de 20)7M - 0.30mm (boîte de 20)
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